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A New Approach To Healing. The Next Generation in Regeneration.

One of the most experienced regenerative companies in the world, our company of global experts possess an unrivaled depth of understanding and knowledge about the human body's capacity to repair itself. On track to now become a world leader in regenerative medicine, RNI is committed to a full line of regenerative products designed to advance the body's ability to heal.

We understand the importance of regenerative healing and the universal impact it will have on the science of medicine. Every medical specialty stands to benefit from new innovations and discoveries, whether in orthopedics, sports medicine, wound-care, ophthalmology, podiatry or general practice. Regenerative medicine will change the way patients are treated. RNI is committed to "following the science" with products that address the challenges of these changes and support innovations and discoveries of regenerative healing.

Changing the Standard of Care,
One Patient at a Time.